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Our knowledge and know-how come from a 20-year commitment to manufacturing the best precision inboard propellers and parts in the industry. Shoot us an email, give us a call, or fill out and submit the sizing or repair form to get in touch with one of our engineers.

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What is your full-throttle RPM and actual speed produced with your current propeller? Please do not guess.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are normally loading your boat with a significant amount of weight — above and beyond that which is factory installed on the boat (e.g., fat sacs, an abnormal number of people, extra sport fishing equipment, etc.) — please be sure to give a detailed explanation of the approximate amount of weight you are adding in the comments below. The non-standard loading of a boat will typically affect the size of the propeller that we recommend for your best performance

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When it comes to repairing propellers, it all comes down to the shop that repairs them. Without a good shop, your repairs will be subpar. If you can’t find a good repair shop near you, give us a call. We’ll come up with a plan for you to ship your prop to us.

And if you find a trusted repair shop near you, your repair person can contact ACME with any and all concerns. 
We’re more than happy to help.

Reading Your Propeller

Whether you need repairs, a replacement, 
or just advice from one of our propulsion experts, finding and knowing your ACME propeller’s unique prop number — as well 
as the technical information that’s found 
on each ACME prop — makes the whole 
process easier.
Reading Your Propeller