ACME Propellers are built to make your time on the water the best it can be. With this tool, you can find a prop that's engineered to give you the best performance.

NOTE: Prop options can vary based on customer performance objectives, elevation, ballast weight, verified tip clearance etc. If you’re looking for a more dialed in recommendation, please contact for a custom fit sizing.

Select your boat specs.

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Boat Specs

Target Wake

Select the wake description that matches your planned activity.

Target wake options





Added Weight

Select the weight of the ballast, people, and gear on your boat.

Added weight options






Select the altitude at
 which you typically boat.

Elevation options





Below is the prop we’d recommend, as well as other part numbers
 of props that can affect your wake — from mellow to aggressive.

Smooth Wake Top Speed Fuel Efficiency

Aggressive Wake Power/Torque Fast Holeshot

Reading Your ACME Prop

Finding and knowing your ACME propeller’s unique prop number — as well as the technical information that’s found on each ACME prop — makes the process of replacements easier.

  1. Part Number
  2. Diameter x Pitch
  3. Constant/Variable (Sport)
  4. Left/Right Rotation
  5. Bore/Shaft Diameter
How to read your prop

Target Wake

When properly installed, your inboard prop can affect the shape and size of your wake. Depending on what watersports you love, a smooth or steep wake can take your experience on the water to the next level.

Added Weight

Added weight includes ballast, people, and gear. The more weight you add, the bigger your wake.


The higher the elevation, the more fuel you burn to create a big wake.

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